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Continuous innovation

With the internet providing customers with more information than ever before, companies must be truly innovative to survive. Our product enables continuous innovation, improvements, and healthy experimentation to help companies stay ahead of the curve.


Our belief in choice is reflected in the design of our products. We allow our customers the freedom to use only what they want, without restricting their ability to use other solutions.

AI & Machine learning

We have fully integrated artificial intelligence into our solutions to improve various processes and workflows in ways that were previously impossible. We are committed to continuing our investment in this revolutionary technology and exploring the opportunities it brings to the insurance sector.

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Allos Med

Allos Medical Aid Management system.

Allos Gen

Allos General insurance management system.

Allos Broker

Ultimate Insurance broker management system.

Allos Fraud

Allos AI based fraud prevention and detection platform

Allos Churn

Allos AI based churn detection, prevention and analysis platform..

Allos Distribution

Secure APIs for insurance products. Embed/sell insurance products.


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